Ad for local Maui web company

Creating this ad required a combination of scenes and screen recordings to illustrate the processes involved in setting up a web account. The production utilized a multi-camera set-up with a combination of natural and artificial light.

Maui to Moloka’i Canoe Race

Helping Johan produce the video for the Pailolo Challenge Outrigger Canoe Race from Maui to Moloka’i was a real thrill. After an early start some interviews and a little drone work we got to work and all met up after for a huge Moloka’i welcome Hawaiian style.

Maui Off Road Adventures local tour ad

This shoot was a combination of dust mud and grit. The challenge was to make it look fun without giving guests a free license to speed around out of control. The drone work required close communication with the professional drivers flying backwards up hill at high speeds. Added a voice over to accentuate the text …