What We Do

What We Do and Why We Do It

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Our passions are in and around the ocean environment.  Surrounded by water on the most geographically isolated island chain in the world, Maui provides a turquoise tropical environment unmatched in its diversity and stunning natural beauty.

What we do is video production.  Our mission is to provide the highest production value available to our clients while honoring our responsibilities as stewards of the ocean and natural environment.  We provide quality video production and support services in Maui County because we love what we do and constantly strive for perfection.  Having the honor of taking part in your project, whether out in the field or providing any combination of pre and post-production services, is what we strive for.  Developing original digital creations and bringing challenging projects to fruition is what we’re known for.  A love of great storytelling and a passion for excellence in creativity is why we’re here.

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